Spark Avenue® Publishing is pleased to introduce

Test Success! 
How to Be Calm, Confident and Focused on Any Test

Ben Bernstein, Ph.D. Performance Coach

Publication date: March 2012
Distributed by IPG/SPU

To obtain anything these days—from a driver’s license to a doctor’s license, from citizenship papers to a college degree—you have to take a test. And standing in the way of passing the test—for many people, from all walks of life—is test stress.

In this easy-to-understand and eminently practical book, Dr. Ben Bernstein, a performance psychologist and educator, provides a model for every test taker for any test, to reduce stress and improve test performance.

The model draws on research-based evidence that the secret to test success is being calm, confident and focused while preparing for a test and when taking it.

The book offers

  • Nine specific tools for staying calm, confident and focused.
  • Checklists, inventories, graphs and charts. (These are also available online for all readers.)
  • Special chapters for teachers and parents.

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